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This website references all the WAPT software packages made available by Tranquil IT for WAPT Discovery and WAPT Enterprise users.

What is WAPT ?

WAPT is a secure solution for installing, updating, uninstalling software, configurations and operating systems.

WAPT manages the lifecycle of software assets for enterprises and government agencies of all sizes.

For a quicker way to get started with the software, Tranquil IT provides a set of ready-to-use WAPT packages for silent installation of software and configurations, either free or not. Generally, you will download into your private repository the WAPT packages that your subscription allows you directly from the WAPT Console. We introduce them to you on this site.

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What is a WAPT package?

A WAPT package is a set of files that silently installs software as part of professional IT asset management. For example, an IT asset administrator can silently install Adobe pdf Reader on 2000 workstations simply by deploying a WAPT package. Beyond silently installing software, a WAPT package can:

  • Configure a user environment (wallpaper, desktop shortcuts, printers, etc).
  • Configure software in user context (browser home page, mail client configuration, etc).
  • Audit the fleet for compliance (audit administrator accounts, software configurations, etc).
  • Deploy a major new version of Windows.
  • Anything you like to script in pyhton or powershell.

What is a WAPT package made of?

A WAPT package contains:

  • A configuration file in which one can find the silent installation parameters of a software, the configurations in user environment, etc...
  • A control file which corresponds to the identity card of the package

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How are the packages maintained on this store?

Tranquil IT has developed its own worflow to maintain her software installation packages up to date. Thanks to Luti , Tranquil IT formally creates, tests, tracks and updates WAPT packages automatically. Luti is a very effective way for users to manage their fleets with up-to-date and quality WAPT packages.

Need help with creating or customizing a WAPT package?

Training, help in creating packages or specific developments, ask the WAPT editor directly!

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