• package : tis-supercopier
  • version :
  • description : outil pour faciliter la copie sous Windows. Attention, ce paquet ne se desinstalle pas correctement. Si supercopier est deja installe, il ne fait rien
  • maintainer : Administrateur
  • date : 2018-02-27 19:08:22


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from setuphelpers import *
import os
# registry key(s) where WAPT will find how to remove the application(s)
uninstallkey = []

# command(s) to launch to remove the application(s)
uninstallstring = []

# list of required parameters names (string) which can be used during install
required_params = []

def install():
    # if you want to modify the keys depending on environment (win32/win64... params..)
    global uninstallkey
    global uninstallstring
    if not isrunning("supercopier.exe") and not os.path.exists(os.path.join(programfiles,'supercopier','supercopier.exe')) and not os.path.exists(os.path.join(programfiles32,'supercopier','supercopier.exe')) :
        if iswin64():
            print('installing Supercopier 64')
            run(r'"supercopier-windows-x86_64-" /S')
            print('installing Supercopier x86')
            run(r'"supercopier-windows-x86-" /S')
        print ( "supercopier already installed, skipping")


No changelog


[["WAPT/certificate.crt", "79e5388683c0b6cb03f4f81e4e58e3a11463b2b6cf169dd9c453098027dcfaa4"], ["WAPT/wapt.psproj", "798d3fe459b24e0460ace5be62ed6f6a46b3628442db63889ed4697c27047eb6"], ["supercopier-windows-x86_64-", "df2bd6b27b3dce0400508b97b09e6981a2b26653e568b5d4f2175b936acd053e"], ["supercopier-windows-x86-", "59ff1897393223a182c73911b44ea5ec90675ddc51d786112fef40649cf70f10"], ["setup.py", "d9eeacf12ae4f17d6806c5d6a09b66edcc04a4598685f2355b6d3e15602b7797"], ["WAPT/control", "bb4c8d117ea8924c4cba7268ba338945497ce1a418623e1f514421858b156907"]]