tis-pyscripter 3.4.1-16

  • package : tis-pyscripter
  • version : 3.4.1-16
  • architecture : all
  • locale :
  • description : Python IDE editor 32 bits with threads debugging for Wapt.
  • maintainer : TIS <technique@tranquil-it-systems.fr>
  • date : 2018-06-22 14:52:20
  • min_wapt_version :
  • min_os_version :
  • max_os_version :
  • impacted_process : pyscripter.exe


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
#    This file is part of WAPT
#    Copyright (C) 2013  Tranquil IT Systems http://www.tranquil.it
#    WAPT aims to help Windows systems administrators to deploy
#    setup and update applications on users PC.
#    WAPT is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
#    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
#    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
#    (at your option) any later version.
#    WAPT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#    GNU General Public License for more details.
#    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
#    along with WAPT.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
from setuphelpers import *
import codecs
from iniparse import RawConfigParser


def install():

        import common
        if get_current_user().lower() != 'system':
        #  system user has no profile..

def session_setup():
    # Check if ini is UTF8 with BOM...
    pyinifn = makepath(application_data(),'pyscripter','pyscripter.ini')
    if isfile(pyinifn):
        inibytes = open(pyinifn,'rb').read()
        inibytes = ''

    ini = RawConfigParser()
    if inibytes.startswith(codecs.BOM_UTF8):
        inifp = codecs.open(pyinifn,encoding='utf-8-sig')
        inifp = codecs.open(pyinifn,encoding='utf-8')

    ini.set('IDE Options','AutoCompleteBrackets','FALSE')
    ini.set('IDE Options','NewFileEncoding','sf_UTF8_NoBOM')
    ini.set('IDE Options','PythonEngineType','peRemote')
    ini.set('Other Settings','Style Name','Windows10')
    ini.set(r'Editor Options\Font','Name','Courier New')
    ini.set(r'Interpreter Editor Options\Font','Name','Courier New')
    with open(pyinifn,'w') as inifp:

    print('Pyscripter Ini written')



3.4.1 Beta - 05/05/2018
New features
- Switch Python Engines without exiting PyScripter
- Faster loading times
- Initial support for running Jupyter notebooks inside PyScripter
- Syntax highlighting for JSON files
- New IDE option "Style Main Window Border"
- Find in Files and ToDo folders can include parameters (#828)
Issues addressed:
- #627, #852, #858, #862, #868, #872

Version 3.3.2
This hotfix release resolves a problem that may occur when running/debugging GUI scripts and a few minor other minor issues

Version 3.3.1
    This is a hotfix release. It fixed an error in Tools, Options, IDE Options.

Version 3.3.0
    New features:
        Thread debugging (#455)
        Much faster python output redirection
        Form Layout and placement stored in PyScripter.local.ini

    Issues addressed:
        #659, #827, #848, #849

Version 3.2.2
    This is a hotfix release. It restores compatibility with Python 3.7a, which was broken due to some changes to the C API

Version 3.2.1 released
    This is a hotfix release. It addresses a regression due to which, in some situations, Unix line breaks were converted to Windows line breaks upon saving files.
    It also includes optimizations that significantly reduce the memory footprint of PyScripter

Version 3.2.0 released
    The major change in this version, is that now PyScripter is DPI Aware.
    For those of you working with high DPI screens, such as those found in modern laptops, this means that text in the PyScripter editor will now be much crisper and easier to the eyes.
    Here follows a list of issues addressed

    New features:
        Dpi awareness (#769)
    Issues addressed:
        #705, #711, #717, #748

Version 3.1 (31/12/2017)
    New features:
        Code folding
        Indentation lines
        New IDE option "Compact line numbers"
        pip tool added
        Internal Interpreter is hidden by default
        Kabyle language added
    Issues addressed:
        python logging now works when using remote interpreter !
        #16, #685, #690, #718, #721, #765, #814, #836

Version 2.6 (March 20, 2015)
    New features:
    Python 3.4 support added

Version 2.5 (March 19, 2012)
    New features:
    This is the first joint 32-bit and 64-bit version release
    Python 3.3 support added
    Recent Projects menu item added
    Expandable lists and tuples in the Variables window ( Issue 583 )
    Expandable watches as in the Variables window ( Issue 523 )
    Basic support for Cython files added ( Issue 542 )
    New interpreter action Paste & Execute ( Issue 500 ) Replaces Paste with Prompt
    New PyIDE option "Display package names in editor tabs" default True ( Issue 115 )
    New search option "Auto Case Sensitive" (case insensitive when search text is lower case)
    The Abort command raises a KeyboardInterrupt at the Remote Engine ( Issue 618 )
    Incremental search in the Project Explorer matches any part of a filename (Issue 623)
    New IDE option "File line limit for syntax check as you type" default 1000
    Issues addressed:
     Issue 516 ,  Issue 348 ,  Issue 549 ,  Issue 563 ,  Issue 564 ,  Issue 568 ,  Issue 576 ,  Issue 587 ,  Issue 591 ,  Issue 592 ,  Issue 594 ,  Issue 597 ,  Issue 598 ,  Issue 599 ,  Issue 612 ,  Issue 613 ,  Issue 615


WAPT/icon.png 83092815859a13c15223c22ab138ffc9c8b48685bfe3f13b58bedbdcb65cfe31
WAPT/certificate.crt 13fb474c5c23c135a77aba592eb8821b9ecbcc463f5b7312312b87b20eac6779
WAPT/wapt.psproj 139c450a6ad18f75c2a0e5bba77ed83c255e67f51aaf325515ea9101a5c510ac
PyScripter-v3.4.1-Setup.exe 16a479297d0acd0c3dc4bc4f7655d6bd316185c1f8e82884be2bb8f75466ab1e
setup.py ee9e65ecf3c99633da540e7fd4fe0ed0a92016a3b22f199eada9936d5df3264d
WAPT/control 0bed96545f90f60db6ea4790d489922c4fa726ae7edff44a4926d6fb39db8573
WAPT/changelog.txt b87b6eeb86088f46489d3f32caedd82d2a1c39e1e88af66bbd450bfeb5efc32b

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WAPT Packages / Paquets WAPT • Error line 3512 in install_wapt
Bonjour à tous,

Depuis la mise à jour vers WAPT 1.6 j'ai le paquet 7zip qui a tendance a fail a l'installation avec cette sortie :

uninstalling 7-Zip 9.20 (x64 edition)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "c:\wapt\common.py", line 3512, in install_wapt
exitstatus = setup.install()
File "c:\windows\temp\wapt6e8_dt\setup.py", line 42, in install

le code du paquet pyhton de wapt.lesfourmisduweb.org :


def install():    global uninstallkey    from common import Wapt    broken_7zip = [ soft for soft in installed_softwares('7-zip') if Version(soft['version']) < Version('16.0') ]    if broken_7zip:        for uninstall in broken_7zip:            cmd = WAPT.uninstall_cmd(uninstall['key'])            print(u'uninstalling %s' % (uninstall['name'],))            # on execute la commande de desinstallation            run(cmd)    allmsi = glob.glob('*-x64.msi')    for msi in allmsi:        if iswin64():            install_msi_if_needed(msi,killbefore=['7zFM.exe'])        else:            install_msi_if_needed(msi.replace('-x64.msi','.msi'),killbefore=['7zFM.exe'])    for ext in ('.001','.7z','.arj','.bz2','.bzip2','.cab','.cpio','.deb','.dmg','.fat',            '.gz','.gzip','.hfs','.iso','.lha','.lzh','.lzma','.ntfs','.rar','.rpm',            '.squashfs','.swm','.tar','.taz','.tbz','.tbz2','.tgz','.tpz','.txz','.vhd',            '.wim','.xar','.xz','.z','.zip', '.zipe'):        register_ext('7-zip',ext,'"%s" "%%1"' % (makepath(programfiles,'7-zip','7zFM.exe'),),icon="%s,1" % (makepath(programfiles,'7-zip','7z.dll')))""" You can do a CTRL F9 in pyscripter to update the package """
Dans le doute je vais juste pas garder ça et remplacer avec simplement :


if iswin64():        install_msi_if_needed('7z1805-x64.msi',killbefore=['7zFM.exe'])    else:        install_msi_if_needed('7z1805.msi',killbefore=['7zFM.exe'])    for ext in ('.001','.7z','.arj','.bz2','.bzip2','.cab','.cpio','.deb','.dmg','.fat',            '.gz','.gzip','.hfs','.iso','.lha','.lzh','.lzma','.ntfs','.rar','.rpm',            '.squashfs','.swm','.tar','.taz','.tbz','.tbz2','.tgz','.tpz','.txz','.vhd',            '.wim','.xar','.xz','.z','.zip', '.zipe'):        register_ext('7-zip',ext,'"%s" "%%1"' % (makepath(programfiles,'7-zip','7zFM.exe'),),icon="%s,1" % (makepath(programfiles,'7-zip','7z.dll')))
Mais peut être qu'un oeil expert trouveras le bug :)


Statistiques: Posté par renaud.counhaye — 15 octobre 2018, 11:28

WAPT Packages / Paquets WAPT • Re: killalltasks fatal error : 5 : accès refus
Bonjour Patrick,
psanchez a écrit :
10 octobre 2018, 03:02
Désolé de répondre si tard, je me suis fait happer par le travail.

Le problème se pose aussi bien dans pyscripter que sur un poste en déploiement.

Merci pour le conseil d'ajouter killalltask en install

Je suis super content, j'ai obtenu le bon de commande de mon établissement pour la version Enterprise.
pour info, il y a une "semi-feature" non documentée (ça manque encore un peu de fignolage) qui permet de créer un paquet à partir d'un exe standalone assez facilement: il te suffit de créer un répertoire et de mettre l'exe et autres ressources dedans.
Après tu lances la commande wapt-get en indiquant le nom du répertoire (et non le nom de l'exe):


wapt-get make-template c:\temp\lenomdemonlogiciel
La commande make-template va détecter que c'est un répertoire et non un exe d'install et il va créer un paquet automatique qui va coller l'exe dans un répertoire dans program files (en faisant la différence x86/x64), faire un icon dans le menu démarré et faire une procédure de désinstall (qui n'est pas finie).

C'est assez pratique, même si il y a encore un peu de travail à faire de notre côté. Je vais voir avec Simon pour documenter cela.



Statistiques: Posté par dcardon — 10 octobre 2018, 12:19

WAPT Packages / Paquets WAPT • Re: killalltasks fatal error : 5 : accès refus

Désolé de répondre si tard, je me suis fait happer par le travail.

Le problème se pose aussi bien dans pyscripter que sur un poste en déploiement.

Merci pour le conseil d'ajouter killalltask en install

Je suis super content, j'ai obtenu le bon de commande de mon établissement pour la version Enterprise.


Statistiques: Posté par psanchez — 10 octobre 2018, 03:02